Three-Legged Dog
The Dog
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Music: Our CD
All are MP3 files - they may take a minute to load

Hands These were recorded in 2010 - they are out of print right now, but you can download the MP3 files from this page for free. Read the liner notes.

Blackberry Blossom
Croquet Habits
Do What You Will
Don't Kneel At My Graveside
Eunice Waltz
I Could Be Wrong
If I Were You
One Of Us Is Gone
Seven Skeletons
The Blackest Crow
Trouble In Mind
Wild Mountain Thyme

The Practice Sessions Files
These practice sessions were recorded in 2009.
Amelia Earhart
Why Do You Bob Your Hair
Crawdad Train
Death is Only a Dream
Dog Gone Wrong
How Long
I Truly Understand
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy
Magic Foot
Mount Zion's Lofty Heights
My Sweet Love Ain't Around
Omie Wise
Seven Deadly Sins
Who's That Knocking
Oh The Wind And Rain

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