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Ant Bee

Not a natural musician like Odie, Ant Bee gets by musically on a smatter of book-learnin’ and an over-abundance of self confidence. Picking out a simple scale by ear on the piano at age 10 gave her all the confidence she needed to play cello in her grade-school marching band. She’s continued to play cello in various string groups, played mandola in an all-girl acoustic country group, and has served as bassist for a number of rock and praise bands. Her latest instrument is the accordion – hey, she picked out that scale on a piano didn’t she?

Where Ant Bee really shines is in competing. Parcheesi, Risk, & Pit (“Corner on rye!”) got her blood boiling as a kid. As a youth she took up volleyball, and really pokes a mean dink nowadays. She beats most cars off the line at stop lights with her 12-passenger van and (as you’ll witness) likes to finish first in any musical number.

Even though she swore during the Seventies that she would never become The Man, she now works at a big financial institution sitting on her backside all day. It’s her love of bossing people around that keeps her there, along with her love of money desire to feed & clothe the 10 kids she & Odie have birthed/adopted. Maybe “The Dog” will be her ticket to fame and fortune, providing even more people to boss around – or at least two.

Ant Bee

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